The Yeast With The Least ? Maybe It’s Just Mouldy Old Dough….

Beard Brothers (CA)  write

cannabis science news…or actually there’s no cannabis here. Scientists at UC Berkeley in California have claimed to have created cannabis compounds like THC and CBD in a lab without the need for or use of a pot plant. The researchers genetically engineered yeast to produce usable cannabinoids in a move that they claim is the first of its kind. Headlines rang out across the world that soon we may have no need for “farm or field” and that cannabis-based treatments could come way down in price. Most articles ignore the importance of the “entourage effect” that one gets when consuming the actual cannabis plant. Besides the buzzwords of THC and CBD, the cannabis plant hosts a wide array of compounds and cannabinoids, along with strain-specific terpene profiles that all combine to give the maximum benefit to the user. Personally, we like farms and fields. 

Gives us an excuse to air this 70’s oldie for your entertainment

and more mouldy old dough

Mold, labeling errors cause rash of cannabis recalls in Canada


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