This Bangkok Post Article About Regulated Medical Cannabis Exemplifies Why CLR Thinks Thailand Could Become A World Leader In The Industry

A balanced and cogently written piece that illustrates why Thailand could be a worldbeater.

You won’t see an opening gambit like this in many press outlets around the world.

“Let’s not get excited with specific financial projections. Big dollar numbers suggest business will be quick and easy. It will not. Suffice to say, wherever Asian markets open up, population demographics will point to a need for therapeutic and consumer products across market segments. The demand is a no brainer as can be seen in markets where commercial legalisation of medical cannabis has already occurred. But bringing new products to new markets in an evolving regulatory environment is never easy.”


The Post reports

Thailand is the first country in Asia to legislate medical cannabis. Thus far, Thailand’s legislation is one of prudence. The Thailand Narcotics Act has been amended to allow for medical cannabis, but only for R&D purposes, and only with a license. Commercialisation is further away, although there is speculation that CBD Hemp may be approved for commercialisation, provided the psychoactive component, THC, is limited to a trace percentage.

Regulation determines “Speed to Market”

Thailand is poised to be the leader in Asia, augmenting its dominance in both agriculture and medical tourism. Academic research and industry leadership will be dependent on the pace and robustness of regulation and regulatory infrastructure.


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