Three arrested after 3,600 kilos of hashish seized on a ‘narcolancha’ boat in Sevilla

Three people have been arrested after a 3,600 kilo haul of hashish was seized on a ‘narcolancha’ drug boat in Sevilla.


The hashish was alleged to be transported in a semi-rigid boat, or ‘narcolancha’, which was intended for distribution down the Guadalquivir river, near the town of Puebla del Rio.

In a joint operation between customs surveillance officials of the Tax Agency, and Dos Hermanas National Police, three people have been arrested.

After a “meticulous” search, 101 bales of hashish were allegedly found, along with a nine-millimeter pistol with the serial number erased ready to shoot was also seized, as well as 374 cartridges, reports El Correo.

All the effects were seized and the detainees were placed on remand.


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