The National Police have arrested three men in the south of Tenerife for selling marijuana and hashish illegally in a cannabis club in Adeje. Their suspicions were raised because of a constant influx of people at the club who turned out to be tourists, who weren’t registered with the association, which is against operating rules for this type of business.

National Police agents, specialized in the investigation of drug trafficking crimes, were asked to look into the activities of the club and verified that it was operating under the activity of a cannabis association

However, during the period of surveillance, they detected the sale of narcotic substances to people of foreign origin who were here on holiday, entered the association to buy marijuana and hashish leaving a few minutes later, not having a registration card which is required to be a member in this type of premises to buy cannabis.

Once the results of the investigation were presented, a warrant was obtained and the police searched the premises seizing more than 12,000 euros in cash, a pressing machine, more than two and a half kilos of marijuana, and close to two kilos of hashish, as well as more than two hundred cigarettes also containing a narcotic substance inside.

Three men were arrested in the process, all from Germany, were two staff and the president of the club’s association, who have been passed to the competent judicial authority awaiting trial and sentencing.

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