Tips for the Cannabis Dispensary

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AUTHOR: Heather Allman

If you own or manage a marijuana dispensary or adult-use store, hiring a highly competent and motivated staff can greatly improve your bottom line. Identifying and understanding the full scope of your needs prior to getting your business up and running is imperative to having an efficient and productive business.

“As well as needing competent employees, you need to hire a team with a strong work ethic and the desire to succeed. Employing a staff that goes above and beyond the basic essentials to running an efficient retail business and hiring a knowledgeable staff that engages in outstanding customer service should be your ultimate goal. Your budtenders should not only know the various strains and products inside and out but also should know retail—because as well as being an exciting and relatively new type of business that caters to marijuana consumers, cannabis dispensaries are retail businesses, and the basic principles of running a successful retail business apply. A dispensary staff must never lose sight of that fact.

The structure of your dispensary operation will have several levels to keep operations running smoothly. An incoming budtender who performs well should expect to earn the opportunity to eventually become a lead budtender with increased responsibilities like training and shadowing new employees on the job.”


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