Toad Venom Goes Big Bucks

Pity most of the cash can’t be spent on the Sonoran Toads who by becoming adopted into the homo sapien monetary value system will undoubtedly become extinct, as history repeatedly tells us.


GH Research, a Dublin-based biotech company just closed on a Series B funding round worth a cool $125 million. They’re betting on 5-MeO-DMT, aka toad venom, to treat depression.

  • 5-MeO-DMT, or toad venom in slang term, is present in certain toad species native to the South-Western US and North-Western Mexico. It can also be derived from plants or made synthetically.
  • GH’s leading program is an inhalant called GH001 used to treat psychiatric and neurological disorders, including depression.
  • GH001 has completed a Phase I study with healthy volunteers.
  • They are keeping 2 additional indications under wrap for that same compound.
  • An injectable formulation they are calling GH002 is also in the works.

The round included investments from RA Capital, RTW Investments, BVF Partners. Acuta Capital Partners, Boxer Capital, Cormorant Asset Management, Deerfield Management Company, Logos Capital, Surveyor Capital, Venrock Healthcare Capital Partners and Verition Fund Management.

Source: Report on Psychedelics

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