Top 10 Bong Parts and Accessories in 2023

This year has come full force as weed legalization continues to grow worldwide. Some of the best things about enjoying cannabis involve the products one can purchase. From bong accessories to grinders and rolling trays, it is impossible not to have things that spark happiness.

All smokers need this basic top 10 list of the top bong parts and accessories in their inventory. 


10. 14 mm Glass Downstem (Fits 14 mm Bowl)

This male jointed downstem is made from high-quality glass. Its simple design provides smooth hits without unnecessary features or accents. This straight tube shape allows smoke to be pushed through the water, creating easy-to-take hits. There are 3 slits at the bottom of the downstem allowing smoke to disperse quickly. Cool hits never tasted so good!

This downstem comes in various lengths, including; 3 inches, 4 inches, and 5 inches. Make sure to see what size downstem the bong takes before purchasing. It has a diffused bowl stem, perfectly compatible with 14 mm female joints! Made from durable borosilicate glass, this is the perfect replacement, spare, or addition for a bong. 


9. Optimal Bong Water 


It’s 2023, and it is time to upgrade from regular tap water inside a bong. Although some folks may create their versions of healthier bong water, it is really useful to just purchase Piece Water. This water is perfect for a healthy alternative to tap or bottled water. It features a blend of all-natural fruit and vegetable extracts plus minerals. 

Some of the benefits of Piece Water include; less smell between water changes, assistance in maintaining a clean bong without harsh chemicals with just a quick rinse with tap water after using, and it acts as a filter of smoke particulate creating cleaner hits. Reviews for the Piece Water rave over the taste and smoothness, plus how easy it makes cleaning. 


8. Big Glass Bowl

Nothing is better than a big ole hit from a fat bong bowl. Simple and beautiful, this basic and functional piece is made from thick, crystal-clear borosilicate glass. This glass bong bowl is deep, shatterproof, and heat-resistant, whether for tobacco or natural herbs. 

It works well, fits tight, and has a frosted finish. This bowl is a 14 mm Male slide that works with most female bongs. Water pipes don’t always come with strong bowls, so this one is perfect as a replacement or a spare.


7. Alcohol and Salt Bong Cleaner

A little goes a long way with this alcohol and salt bong cleaner kit. With the 3 essential pieces that one would need for cleaning, any dirty bong or bowl becomes a clean one! This kit contains G5 99% pure isopropyl alcohol, Pipe Dreams Barbed Pipe Brushes, and SaltRox by Higher Standards. 

It might seem like it could be a hassle to use this cleaning kit, but it is simple! This is all that needs to be done:

  1. Add salt, preferably coarse salt like SaltRox, then pour in Alcohol. 
  2. Plug up any openings and get to shaking. You will be able to see the residue rubbing off as you shake. 
  3. Pour out and rinse your piece for a spotless water pipe.

Easy as 1-2-3, it is the perfect addition for any bong and water pipe lover!


6. Rolling Trays


Grinding weed is important when trying to get the most out of your bud! Rolling trays afford a higher quality of conserving herbs and keeping things neat. World of Bongs has an amazing selection of rolling trays and will have so much to offer regarding design and style. 

All types of designs include small and large trays. Glass rolling trays, ceramic trays, metal trays, and acrylics, all with gorgeous, fun, intricate designs. Enjoy life with smoking made easy and convenient with high-quality rolling trays.


5. Weed Grinders

Weed grinders are a necessity for getting the best and finest smoke. Utilizing a grinder allows for the herb to be broken up finely and, when packed into a pipe, bowl, or bong, brings out the best experience. 

There are 2-piece grinders, 4-piece grinders, small ones, large ones, playful ones, elegant ones, and everything in between. Ranging from wood, metal, and plastic, the options are endless.


4. Cool Pokeball Bong Bowl

Pokemon game lovers and enthusiasts can enjoy coming together over the too-cool Pokebowl. A vibrant deep hued red encompasses the bowl’s interior while a solid black line divides the white lower exterior. A perfect bowl with room to spare when it comes to filling it all while delivering nice airflow when smoking! 

This bowl is made from solid glass and is a 14 mm male stem. It connects to 14 mm female joints. The bowl seals well hits great, and is affordable. What more could anyone want?


3. 16 OZ of 99% Pure ISO Alcohol


G5 Isopropyl Alcohol is some of the best nonabrasive cleaners for any types of glass, metal, ceramic, or Pyrex bong, pipes, and bowls. Your glass will shine in seconds with this non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner. If stubborn resin and residue is in your favorite piece, this is the cleaner to get!

Instructions for use are easy and as follows:

  1. Shake the G5 bottle and pour into the item being cleaned.
  2. Cover all openings and shake for 1 minute.
  3. Rinse items under warm water, wash hands and enjoy the shine!


2. Bong Filter Mouthpiece

Moose Labs runs the forefront of safe smoking allowing people to share pipes, rigs, joints, blunts, vapes, and e-cigs without sharing any of the germs. These mouthpieces are perfect for everyone as they help prevent germ spreading and filter hits! 

These filtered mouthpieces utilize triple-layer activated carbon filters to sanitize smoke. This enhances flavors by removing toxins, tar, and resins without reducing airflow. Experience it for yourself and get one today.


1. Bong Cleaner Kit With Magnet

The Boro Buddy Cleaning Kit is the best choice for those who struggle to clean their bongs. This set includes scouring pads with magnetic attachments to reach all the hard-to-reach places. 

This cleaner is the ultimate Bong Buddy, and everyone needs it! Coming in various colors to suit all tastes, there are blue, black, purple, green, gray, orange, and pink. This set includes:

  • Handle x1
  • Pad Holder x 2 (bar and cylinder)
  • Pads x 30 (15 bar shaped and 15 cylinders shaped)
  • Forceps x 1

All of these are great additions to any bong and water pipe collection. A recently published article on the best bongs under 100 includes World of Bongs options.

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