You have probably noticed that in recent years, CBD products became extremely popular. Oils, lip balms, pills, and extracts – they come in any form. Why are so many people eager to buy them?

The research shows that CBD can help people with stress, depression, but also to manage pain. If it has such a positive impact on our minds and bodies, then perhaps it could also be used to make the lives of our pets easier? Did you know that you can use CBD for cats and dogs too?


What is CBD?

CBD is one of the compounds that can be found in Cannabis sativa plants. It doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, though the studies have shown that it can be used to help people with many different health issues. In the Cannabis sativa plant, there is also another compound, THC, that you have probably heard about. It also has some positive effects on humans, though it is psychoactive.


Is CBD legal?

Although weed is becoming legal in more and more states, there are still some states where even CBD remains illegal. If CBD is found in your possession in Idaho, South Dakota, or Nebraska, you could still be arrested. On the other hand, there are places, like dispensaries in Vegas, where you can get recreational marijuana. In most states, CBD is legal, though there might be restrictions regarding the allowed content of THC in such products. It is usually a very small amount that wouldn’t make you high, though it is essential for another reason. There are hundreds of different compounds in marijuana, and when they are combined, the effects of individuals compounds increase. It means that even if there are small amounts of THC in the CBD products, they’ll be much more potent.


Okay, so if CBD products can help humans, can they also have a positive impact on the well-being of your pets? Yes!



CBD is one of the most effective medicines for seizures, which are not that uncommon among dogs. A 2019 study has shown that CBD decreased the frequency of seizures of 89% of dogs who were taking it. Taking into account the fact that about 5%-6% of all dogs experience seizures, and some of them don’t respond to standard medicine, it could be great news for many dog-owners.


Pain relief

There are many different reasons why the dog might be in pain, though it might not be so obvious. If you’ve noticed that the movements of your dog became less energetic, it might be due to joint pain. There are other, more potent ways to alleviate the pain of your dog than with CBD, though none of these substances are as safe as CBD. CBD doesn’t have any notable side effects, whereas painkillers are known for their addictive properties. It means that such medicines could cause more harm than good. It’s not to say that all the alternatives would be harmful to your dog, but it’s best to discuss the possible side effects with a specialist.



Another thing at which CBD excels at is battling anxiety. It is effective when it comes to both humans and their little and sometimes not so little friends. The animals experience anxiety just like we do, though it may be difficult to spot it. If your pet is aggressive and restless, then it might be due to the fact that it is feeling anxious. Although it might be more challenging to discover what could be causing this state of affairs than in the case of people, with whom you can converse, CBD could help your pet too.



Although you have probably heard your stoner friends claiming that weed can cure cancer, there might actually be some truth to it. No, it can’t cure cancer, but it can slow down the growth of the cancerous cells of certain types. Treatments of pets that have cancer are extremely costly, which means that any alternative that won’t break the bank is a godsend.


Antioxidant properties

Another reason why CBD could be great for your pets is that it is an excellent antioxidant. If you are worried about the diet of your dog, or the quality of the air that your little friend is breathing in, then CBD could decrease the adverse effects on its health.


The research

Although to fully understand all the possible benefits of giving CBD to your pets, we need more research, so far the studies have shown that it can help them in many ways. Because of its versatility, CBD can help maintain the general health of your dog or cat. It can help with anxiety, seizures, but it could also help your pet with the pain. Before you purchase any CBD products, it’s best to contact an expert to discuss the appropriate doses.