Top 5 ways CBD can make your life a breeze!!


CBD has been around for quite some time. But due to misconceptions and strict laws prohibiting the use of Marijuana and related products, many of us couldn’t experience the goodness of CBD.

With many scientists and researchers proving that CBD is beneficial to us, Governments have started lifting bans and legalizing CBD and its products. With the lifting of restrictions, many websites such as have begun stocking and selling high quality, genuine CBD products.

So, what is CBD, and how different is it from Marijuana? Well, there is a massive difference between both these substances. While Marijuana contains high levels of THC, CBD contains less than 0.3%. THC is the compound that causes the high associated with many of the recreational drugs.

CBD contains tiny amounts of THC and hence isn’t considered a recreational drug. Instead, it delivers many therapeutic properties to its users. Many people suffering from chronic conditions such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia have found relief from using CBD. Some senior citizens suffering from age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s have seen an improvement in their condition after starting CBD.

Now for a bit of background on how we get our CBD. You must have heard of the Hemp plant. Technically known as cannabis Sativa, this plant is a close cousin to the Marijuana plant. The extract from the leaves and roots of this plant is quite low on the THC content. For this reason, it is used as an alternative medicine for stubborn medical conditions. Epilepsy, seizures, PTSD, chronic insomnia, and eating disorders are some of the stubborn conditions.

Apart from these chronic conditions, CBD products, when used the right way, can cure skin conditions such as acne. Some products are also used for their wellness properties. For example, people prefer adding CBD bath bombs or oils to their bath for a relaxed feeling after a long, hard day at work.

Overall, CBD is prized for its therapeutic and wellness properties and is being placed as a lifestyle product. The demand is so much that CBD products fly off shelves at retailers and online websites in all the states where CBD is legal.

CBD is available in many forms if you wish to purchase. Since CBD is low on THC content, you can use it without worry. Many of the CBD products contain zero THC content too.

Let us have a quick look at the top 5 ways to consume CBD:


CBD flowers:

Many reputed companies and websites sell dried CBD flowers. Some buyers may be scared to buy these flowers, but these flowers are high only on the Cannabidiol content and do not contain THC. So, they are generally safe to purchase and consume.

Some great ways in which you can consume these CBD cannabis flowers include.”

As a tea:

You can mix the CBD flowers with your regular tea leaf, make your tea as you usually, and have it. This tea has a great calming and relaxing effect on you. It helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Some seasoned users also prefer adding the flowers to boiled water, let it steep, filter it, and drink the liquid.

In your bath:

Add the CBD flowers to your warm bathwater. An excellent relaxant after a long hard day.

In your Kombucha:

Health freaks are increasingly using this super healthy food. You can add Cannabis flowers to your Kombucha to get the double benefit of the Kombucha and the CBD as well.

Additive to skincare products:

You can add these flowers to your warmed up coconut oil, butter, or even moisturizing lotions. CBD adds an extra touch of moisture to your skin and hair, even curing conditions such as acne.

 As a food additive:

You can also add CBD flowers to any dish of your choice. You can make the next bowl of soup, or stew exciting and healthier by adding CBD flowers.

CBD vapes:

Vaping is a growing trend among youth and adults alike. Many smokers are shifting to vaping to help reduce their smoking addiction. Some people use vaping as an effective means of consuming vape oils to experience relief from conditions such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

Companies and websites sell various flavored vaping liquids infused with different kinds of essential or carrier oils. These vaping liquids offer a range of therapies like stress relief, pain relief, help fight skin ailments and improve the user have a night of restful sleep.

CBD pills:

Many people prefer using CBD pills and capsules over the other CBD forms like tinctures, vapes, etc. These are easier to consume; you have to take them with a glass of water. CBD pills are a discreet way of consuming CBD, though the medicine may take a little while to start working.

Those who are averse to CBD taste, or stick to specific doses, generally prefer CBD pills. These also deliver therapeutic properties such as stress relief and relief from chronic pain and inflammation etc.

Edible CBD:

CBD edibles are sold in many forms, such as edible CBD oils, gummies, soft gels, CBD oil sprays, etc. These edibles are a fun way to consume CBD and deliver quick relief effects to those using them. You can add CBD oils to your favorite juices and shakes. Alternately, you can place the oil drops under your tongue.

CBD for Skincare:

Many reputed companies also sell a range of skincare products infused with CBD. Moisturizers, balms, eye creams, anti-aging creams, bath bombs, and massage oils are endless.

These skincare products provide proper hydration to the skin. They act as anti-inflammatories and provide soothing relief from sunburns, acne, and related skin conditions. Bath bombs provide a soothing, relaxing bath at the end of a long day.



While CBD’s legality is still controversial in some states and countries, there is no second thought as far as the benefits are concerned. People who use CBD regularly swear by the magical relief CBD provides. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that CBD has been a lifesaver to many people.



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