Top 8 CBD Brands in the UK 


With so many new CBD products on the market, it’s tough to discern one brand from another. Additionally, there are also a varied number of aspects to consider like full spectrum versus CBD isolate, organic certification, extraction methods, and more.


If you’re looking to incorporate CBD products into your daily well-being regimen, you may not know where to start. To recommend the very best CBD brands on the UK market, our testers and reviewers have created a rating system.


Some of the factors we evaluated were organic vs. inorganic products, extraction methods, other ingredients in the oils, overall quality, cost, and customer satisfaction. Each of these factors was calculated according to a rubric and compiled into one list.


Here are the top eight CBD brands on the UK market.


  1. First Place – Canzon

Canzon is a company committed to quality. Users of Canzon products, from balms to e-liquids to oils, tout its multiple benefits.


CBD can help users restore inner calm, manage inflammation, and recover from athletic-induced aches and pains. CBD can even benefit your pets. If your animal companion is nervous during thunderstorms or fireworks or becomes anxious due to separation, CBD may help.


Canzon uses third-party testing to ensure the reliability of its products’ labelling and CBD percentages. Canzon’s products use full-spectrum CBD, so they are full of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Canzon sources hemp from organic farms in Switzerland, because they understand that the best CBD products come from the highest quality hemp.


Canzon’s CBD products have an even, pleasant taste which helps new users become accustomed. Additionally, Canzon uses medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT) in which to dissolve the CBD, making it easier to digest.


  1. Goodbody Botanicals

This product places a close second, mainly because of the support of Sativa Group PLC, the first UK-based medicinal cannabis company. They use high-quality hemp that is third-party tested by PhytoVista, which maintains standards provided by the ISO (International Organisation for Standardization).


Goodbody Botanicals produces oils, balms, and capsules for a multitude of CBD uses. They also sell easy-to-use starter packs for new users, or CBD enthusiasts searching for the right brand. The peppermint oils are fresh and easy to integrate into every morning and evening wellness regimen.


  1. Love Hemp

This company started in London in 2015 and prides itself on its strict regulation. They guarantee third-party testing and adherence to the CBD percentage on the product’s label.


LoveHemp claims to be the first UK CBD company to offer CBD-infused water, and now they offer CBD oils, vapes, and sprays. They also produce CBD-infused chocolates, beauty products, and jelly domes.


  1. CBD Life

This company claims to be the #1 UK purveyor of CBD products, mainly because of their attention to customer requests and reviews. CBD Life claims to be the change they want to see in the CBD industry. One of the aspects that have put this company on our list is that CBD Life helped found the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) in the UK.


CBD Life makes oils, vapes, e-liquids, pastes, capsules, dabs, and edibles. For those looking for pure CBD, CBD Life also makes CBD isolates, which are completely THC-free to incorporate into your butter, milk, or other fat-soluble foods. CBD isolates can also be placed under the tongue to dissolve.


  1. The Grass & Co.

CBD works best when paired with other substances like botanical extracts. Known as the Entourage Effect, the beneficial effects of CBD are more acute if it’s mixed with other materials.


The Grass & Co. blends its ethically sourced, forest-friendly CBD with a range of therapeutic botanical extracts. This company also uses third-party lab testing to ensure the purity of its product and the transparency of its labelling.


  1. Hempura

This company undoubtedly has the most beautiful packaging of the bunch, but that’s not the reason that Hempura earned a spot on this list. Hempura uses organic hemp with high levels of quality CBD to make its products, offers free shipping for the UK, and is affiliated with the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) for good practice.


Hempura encourages its clients to educate themselves about CBD and provides adequate resources for them to do so.


  1. Elixinol

Elixinol’s products are both potent and work extremely quickly, perhaps due to the combination of coconut oil and CBD that produce the coveted Entourage Effect.


They package their elixirs in bottles that are light-reflective to eliminate the effect of harmful UV rays. This company is innovative, has an established reputation, and pays close attention to its customers’ needs.


  1. Hemp Botanics

Hemp Botanics imports its CBD from Extract Labs and a reputable US company – CBDistillery. They have an excellent range of product options and have opened the UK market to the high-potency, high-quality offerings of CBDistillery, otherwise unobtainable in the US.


Last Word

Of all the products on this list, Canzon is still our favourite. From oils to e-liquids to skincare treatments, Canzon is a high-quality CBD brand serving the UK. Their acne and psoriasis treatments are even classified as medical devices.


Canzon makes the top place on our list for a variety of reasons. These include a stellar reputation, excellent product quality, full-spectrum CBD, an attractive price point, and ethical sourcing.


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