16 January 2017

The report goes on to say

The California dispensary took their product off the shelves immediately, and are urging others to follow suit.

The letter came to the attention of the dispensary, Magnolia Oakland, on January 6. Debby Goldsberry, the Executive Director, made an announcement shortly after.

She explained that it’s a cut and dry trademark issue. “We knew it was coming,” she admits.

For now, they renamed what they could, returned what they couldn’t, and pulled the rest from the shelves within an hour’s time from when they first read the notice. Goldsberry not only removed the product with the ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ namesake, but also wrote memos to their suppliers outlining why they will no longer accept products with that name.

When asked why they didn’t stop using the name sooner, she admitted they should’ve, and there was no solid excuse not to have been more proactive with the rename.

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