Tripping hard on acid, 61-year-old goes on rampage at Silverdale senior apartments

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A 61-year-old Silverdale man is accused of tripping too hard on LSD and going berserk while watching the college basketball national championship Monday, trashing his apartment, breaking windows in the complex and saying he wouldn’t stop until police shot him.

At 9:26 p.m. when a Kitsap County sheriff’s sergeant arrived at the Vintage at Silverdale senior apartments, 3291 Mount Vintage Way, residents were starting to evacuate the building due the triggered fire alarm. The sergeant watched the man throw a chair through a fourth floor window and break other windows, according to court documents.

After the man was taken into custody the sergeant counted nine windows that had been broken as well as “extensive damage” to furniture, fixtures and other property.

Deputies took the man to St. Michael Medical Center, where he shouted racial slurs and threatened to rape and kill people in the room as well as political figures, a deputy wrote in court documents. He was then booked into the Kitsap County Jail.

When a deputy asked if he remembered anything about broken windows and furniture, the man said, “Yeah, I remember doing that.” The deputy noted the man “did not give any justification as to why he broke windows and furniture.”

The man’s wife told deputies he became agitated while watching the NCAA men’s basketball championship, in which Baylor University routed Gonzaga University of Spokane.

“She said normally when he does acid he just gets in a high-spirited, happy mood,” the man’s wife told a deputy, according to court documents. “He is never aggressive and she thinks that the acid he did was laced or that he accidentally did too much.”

The woman said as the man’s behavior became more alarming she went to her bedroom, where she heard crashing and glass breaking in the other room. She called 911 “after the breaking noises didn’t stop.”

On Tuesday the man pleaded not guilty to a count of second-degree malicious mischief and was released from jail.

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