Txting Cannabis Is Now Out ….Twilio nixes service to cannabis industry

Who’s next- will uber  be re-hiring all those out of work K9’s to ensure 100% every passenger isn’t a cannabis user. Where does this end?

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Twilio, one of the nation’s largest communications-service providers for retailers, is prohibiting cannabis companies from using its software to reach customers, MJBizDaily has confirmed.

The publicly traded San Francisco company provides a communications platform and software that helps companies talk to their customers via text, voice and video.

A company spokesperson told MJBizDaily the sale or promotion of cannabis via Twilio’s platform violates “long-standing” policies put in place to comply with federal law.

However, according to the company’s list of restricted-use cases, marijuana, CBD and accessory-products companies are prohibited from utilizing its SMS or MMS text messaging in the United States or Canada, “regardless of the federal or state legality.”

Other banned categories include:

  • High risk financial services, such as cryptocurrency.
  • Debt collection or forgiveness.
  • Gambling.
  • Sex, firearms and tobacco.

“If we discover a customer is violating the law or another provision of our policies, we take the action necessary to stop the activity, up to and including account suspension,” spokesperson Caitlin Epstein said via email.

“This approach applies not only to cannabis but any other violations of federal law.”

Read more. https://mjbizdaily.com/text-messaging-provider-twilio-cuts-service-to-cannabis-industry/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=MJD_20230824_NEWS_Daily

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