UArizona launches online cannabis compliance online course


TUCSON, AZ — The cannabis industry in the United States and here in Arizona is complex and ever-changing.

It’s why the University of Arizona just added a new online course on cannabis compliance and risk management – to help people and industry professionals keep up.

Giving Tree Dispensary owner Lilach Mazor Power told ABC15 that everything with her business begins and ends with compliance, from the bar codes on products, to who she can sell the products to, to her inventory.

She said there was no how-to playbook when she was starting out years ago.

“Everything that we have done in cannabis used to be done in basements of people[‘s homes] and now it’s on a commercial level, third-party lab testing, highly regulated,” she said. “People have long-term careers with benefits here.”

Because it’s so rapidly changing, they have to keep up.

“Nothing we do this year’s going to be the same next year because we learn so much as we go,” she said.

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