UConn Launches New Cannabis Cultivation Minor

Responding to student interest and market opportunities, the minor supports workforce development in the state

he University of Connecticut announced a new minor in Cannabis Cultivation for students receiving specialized training in this growing field.

“Since we launched the nation’s first cannabis horticulture course, UConn has been a leader in cannabis education and research,” says Indrajeet Chaubey, dean of the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. “We are thrilled to add another mechanism for students to formalize the skills, knowledge, and expertise in cannabis studies that they gain while at UConn.”

Led by professors of plant science Gerald Berkowitz and Matthew DeBacco, the 15-credit minor was formalized in the spring 2023 semester. It provides training in the propagation, cultivation, commercial production, maintenance, processing, and potential markets for and uses of one species of cannabis, Cannabis sativa.

As part of the minor, students can receive credit for approved internships with growers and companies to provide students with experiential learning opportunities and exposure to jobs.

“Students who complete coursework in this minor are uniquely positioned for specialized jobs with licensed growers, as well as other companies working in the cannabis field,” says Berkowitz. “We’re committed to helping set out students apart in this high potential industry.”

Third-year student Kiera Ulmer (CAHNR) is excited the cannabis minor has been finalized. She plans to apply as a way to further legitimize the coursework she’s already taken.

“After graduation, I plan to continue my work in the cannabis field, whether it be through a testing lab, medical dispensary, or cultivation site. I really enjoy the plant in all forms, so I am excited to see where my education may take me. I know this minor will help me get there.”

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