UK: “Athlete spared jail after becoming ‘breathtakingly inept’ cocaine dealer”

A former international athlete has been spared jail despite ‘going off the rails’ and trying to deal cocaine.

Jacob Maxted played handball for the Warrington Wolves and was called up to represent Great Britain internationally a number of times.

He was arrested in Warrington town centre as he attempted to sell cocaine directly underneath a CCTV camera in the early hours of December 15, 2021.

The camera operator called police and when they arrived they found Maxted, 26, with one bag of cocaine in his hand and 12 more in his pocket.

In total he had 1.87g of the class A drug on him, as well as nearly £50 in cash, the Liverpool Echo reports.

At first Maxted said half of the cocaine was for sale and the other half was for personal use, but he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to supply at the first opportunity.

Maxted appeared at Liverpool crown court on Tuesday for sentence, where his lawyer Andrew Jebb pointed out he had operated in ‘the most inept way’, demonstrating his lack of criminal history or prowess.

Since leaving handball, where he was a top scorer for the Warrington Wolves in their successful 2017 British Championship Test Event campaign, he has qualified as an accountant.

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Athlete spared jail after becoming ‘breathtakingly inept’ cocaine dealer

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