In our first referenced story we see how the west country county of Devon is using limited resources and funds to pursue cannabis growers

Devon Live reports

Police and crime commissioner Alison Hernandez argues that her force is underfunded and gets £4 less per head of population than the national average. But in this opinion piece DevonLive columnist John Twyford argues that police in Devon spent considerable time seizing cannabis plants supposedly worth £65,000 from properties in North Devon. At one property in Barnstaple just eight cannabis plants were seized.

In 2015-16 seizures of herbal cannabis in Devon and Cornwall doubled on the year before, according to a report on website CornwallLive, which stated that police had seized more than 30,000kg.

Figures compiled by the Liberal Democrats show police in the UK spent more than one million hours on enforcing the ban on cannabis, with 87,247 caseloads opened by the police into drug crimes involving cannabis in 2015, at a supposed average cost of more than £2,200 each.

Is it worth it? Does it do the job? Is it difficult to get hold of cannabis because the police and customs seize so much? No, of course it isn’t. If you asked anyone who smokes cannabis whether they had any problems getting hold of it, they’d laugh. Cannabis is freely available and widely used. It’s not even that expensive.


Meanwhile on the doorstep of Downing Street the synthetic cannabis problem is going from bad to worse.

Six plead guilty to supplying psychotic synthetic cannaboid ‘spice’

They were arrested as part of Operation Spatha, which is cracking down on the drug, popular among rough sleepers in Westminster

Operation Spatha has been running in Westminster to tackle the supply of the psychotic Class B drug since March 7.

It has been running alongside the ongoing Operation Kaskara – a multi-agency operation also aimed at tackling spice on the streets of Westminster.

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