UK: Cannabis farmer confesses over Woodville Road drug factory

A cannabis grower has pleaded guilty the day after Leicestershire Police raided a drug farm in a residential street in the city. At about 10.45pm on Thursday officers burst into the house in Woodville Road in Western Park, Leicester, where they found dozens of cannabis plants.

They also arrested Hamdi Gjana and later charged him with growing the cannabis. In a tweet last night, the police said the cannabis farm had also been a fire risk.

The electricity meter had been bypassed and “numerous large socket boards overloaded” to power the equipment used to grow the plants.

Gjana, 22, of Woodville Road, appeared at Leicester Magistrates’ Court this morning and he pleaded guilty to the charge of being concerned in the production of a controlled drug of class B. He was returned to custody until the next court hearing.

He is due to appear for sentencing at Leicester Crown Court – which has greater powers to sentence criminals – on Friday, October 21.

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