UK: Cannabis firm, Cantourage, launches clinic following prescription license allocation


Cantourage has appointed cannabis prescribers and is now officially operational via a new centre

European medical cannabis company Cantourage has received two British government licenses that authorise the company to import medical cannabis to the UK.

Additionally, the company has received the required regulatory registration to prescribe medical cannabis products to clients via a new facility.

The centre has duly been named Cantourage Clinic and the company has received regulatory registration for a private tele-healthcare clinic specialised in medical cannabis. Cantourage hopes that offering an alternative to the existing UK medical cannabis clinics will broaden choice and potentially help to push down prices.

In spite of increasing interest in the applications of medical cannabis, the NHS has shared that “very few people in England are likely to get a prescription”. Families can spend as much as £3,000 a month for legal cannabis medication.

Cantourage UK is now in receipt of the necessary narcotics licence from the Home Office to handle cannabis-based products for medicinal use, under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001.

Gabriel Newman, CEO of Cantourage UK, said: “We have been working closely with Cantourage for two years, collating what we feel to be the best producers of medical cannabis from around the world. Last year, we formed a formal joint venture with Cantourage and helped to launch the ‘Fast Track Access’ platform, built to give patients and prescribers in Europe a wider array of medicines to help treat eligible illnesses.

“Our strategy in the UK has been built to improve patient access and care,” Newman concluded. “We are committed to paving the way for more patients to reliably access medical cannabis safely and securely. As of today, patients will be able to directly access our unique portfolio of products via our patient-centric CQC-registered clinic,” he added.

The UK experienced promising growth in terms of patient numbers and prescriptions over the course of 2021 and this could be a catalyst for further growth in the future.

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