UK: Cantourage Clinic opens waiting list as demand soars

The UK’s fastest growing medical cannabis clinic has opened a waiting list as demand soars post-COVID.

Cantourage Clinic is a leading medical cannabis clinic in the UK with a difference. 

Since the legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK in 2018, there is little education surrounding medical cannabis and how it can help a large variety of conditions, should traditional medicine leave patients with an ‘unmet clinical need.’ 

Cantourage Clinic strives to provide education surrounding medical cannabis, whilst launching several initiatives focused on delivering a patient-centric  approach to healthcare. 

Since launching, Cantourage Clinic has experienced an unprecedented level of patients booking consultations for mental health conditions post-covid.

According to patient data, over 50 per cent of patients at Cantourage Clinic mention anxiety as their primary or secondary indication. The clinic has experienced an exceptional level of demand for medical cannabis treatments concerning anxiety and a variety of other psychiatric conditions. 

Dr Anup Mathew, lead psychiatry specialist at Cantourage Clinic, commented: “Since opening our doors at Cantourage Clinic, we have seen an astounding number of patients presenting with anxiety, and associated mental health conditions. Medical cannabis is a valid and legal treatment for anxiety, and we have seen great results from our patients.”   

A recent study found that one in three people who have survived COVID-19 are diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric condition within six months of being infected. 

In addition, data from the University College London identified an increase in anxiety and depression rates in the UK during COVID-19 lockdowns, showing long-term changes in public mental health between March 2022 and April 2022. 

As a result of patient demand, Cantourage Clinic has opened a waiting list for prospective patients to apply. Patients will still be able to confirm their eligibility, submit their medical records and will be invited to book a consultation on an ongoing basis. 

Daniel Jose, a patient at Cantourage Clinic, said: “For me, the necessity of the waiting list shows not only how large the demand for this medicine is, but also how many people are not being given adequate treatments for their illnesses. I use my prescription to treat my anxiety, ADHD+ and Autism. For me it is incredibly beneficial, having had zero success with the NHS offerings, to finally find relief from my symptoms.

“I can’t imagine I am the only person to also find that cannabis treats their illness with few to zero negative side effects. I think part of the steep rise in demand could be due to people finding better relief and a more liveable life from cannabis than other prescription medications, I know I certainly do.”

Cantourage Clinic continues to provide a patient-centric service and offers a safe and secure specialist-led alternative medical treatment for those suffering from chronic conditions.

Emma Donoghue, clinic director, added: “Our patients are at the heart of everything we do, we ensure every patient receives the highest quality level of care and specialist medical advice. Our waiting list provides exceptional care to every patient who registers with us, and enables the Cantourage Clinic team to continue to make medical cannabis more accessible in the UK.” 

Visit for more information on how Cantourage Clinic could help, and to join our waiting list for a consultation with one of our specialists.


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