UK: CTAUK – 25 May 2017 A Significant Day For Cannabis Law Reform In The UK.

Reynolds reports While this may not excite your average cannabis consumer too much, it represents a very important, even momentous occasion in our progress towards a regulated cannabis market.  Anyone spotting our meeting room would have seen it as just another group of business people in a day long meeting with Powerpoint presentations, flipcharts and gallons of coffee and mineral water.  GSK were just down the corridor, an insurance company was next door, it all looked very corporate and pretty boring.

This Thursday past, 25th May 2017, was the inaugural general meeting of the Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTAUK).

The report goes on to say.
This is exactly the point.  We are bringing cannabis into the mainstream, overcoming the stigma, making it respectable.  The idea that the Holiday Inn at Gatwick would have signs pointing to a ‘cannabis’ meeting would have been unthinkable until very recently.

Of course, CTAUK is concerned only with the legal cannabis trade so, in the main, that means CBD products but membership has started to expand rapidly.  In the coming weeks we anticipate we will be joined by UK hemp growers and a very important new medical cannabis research consortium.  Within the next few months we expect almost every significant player in all aspects of the UK cannabis market to be part of the association.
So, although at first glance, this boring business meeting may not excite CLEAR members and followers, it heralds the dawn of a new age. Cannabis is coming out of the shadows. Reform is just round the corner.

Twenty years ago similar meetings took place in California, fifteen years ago similar meetings were held in Canada, Israel, the Netherlands and other US states.  Just three or four years ago they were happening in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, etc.  The UK’s time has come. Not a joint was rolled, not a bong was lit, there wasn’t a vapouriser or a hash cookie to be seen.  No longer are we playing at this, it’s now become serious.

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CTA UK Compliance Policy

As the CTA UK Compliance Officer, it is my objective to support members of the CTA UK to ensure they are complying with all EU and UK laws, policies and regulations, alongside the rules and regulations of the CTA UK.

It is critical that the whole industry complies with relevant legislation.  We are all responsible for proactively identifying, evaluating, mitigating and reporting on compliance risks across our industry.  This is in all our interests so that our industry can flourish and thrive into the future. We cannot afford to allow past mistakes to be repeated.

The industry is rapidly growing and some new companies may be unaware of the relevant legislation and regulations. If you have been made aware of a breach of compliance within the industry, please contact me with details and I will work with them towards a solution.


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