UK Event: Medical cannabis, understanding, prescribing and changing lives

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Clinicians and medical students interested in learning from the experts about how medical cannabis works, helps patients and can be prescribed are invited to a CPD-accredited lecture and Q&A hosted by Hon. Professor Mike Barnes, author and Director of Education at The Academy of Medical Cannabis.

Change of legislation for medical cannabis is leading to an influx of patients across primary and secondary care enquiring about this treatment. The Academy of Medical Cannabis is dedicated to educating doctors, and ongoing development of specialised learning about medical cannabis.

The history and science of medical cannabis

Prof Barnes will introduce medical cannabis and provide insight into its history and characteristics. He will also explore the endocannabinoid system, medical cannabis uses, the UK regulatory position and opportunities for clinicians to learn and become prescribers.

Medical cannabis treatments: prescribing experiences and approaching difficult areas

Dr Dani Gordon, MD, CCFP, ABOIM is a Canadian family medicine doctor and a leading expert in cannabis medicine. She has treated thousands of patients with medical cannabis in her practice in Canada and trained physicians and medical students in clinical cannabis medicine in North America since 2015. Dr Gordon will share her wisdom on medical cannabis, her approach to prescribing and its challenges across a range of chronic conditions. She will discuss difficult areas such as cannabis and psychosis, cardiovascular risk and THC and cannabis and cancer, based on the most up to date published research as well as her clinical experience.

A GP’s perspective of medical cannabis

GP Dr Leon Barron will provide insights into the role of the GP in this emerging sector and share his journey towards medical cannabis. Dr Barron believes in a holistic approach to medicine focusing on the person as a whole and not just the symptom or disease in question. He has a keen interest in psychiatry in primary care and enjoys the challenge of combining the psychological and social aspects of care with the physical health of patients.

Q&A: Ask the experts

The panel will also take part in a Q&A session after the lecture. Submit a question in advance via Twitter or email


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