UK: Latest News on the Cannabis (Legalisation and Regulation) Bill 2015-16

8 May 2016

The MP sponsoring this Bill has nominated 13 May 2016 for the Second Reading debate on the Bill. The House is not expected to sit on this date.

Private Members’ Bills have precedence over government business on thirteen Fridays in each session. The last sitting Friday for the consideration of Private Members’ Bills for the 2015-16 session was 11 March 2016.

This Bill was introduced to Parliament on 23 March 2016 under the Ten Minute Rule. This allows an MP to make his or her case for a new bill in a speech lasting up to ten minutes. An opposing speech may also be made before the House decides whether or not the bill should be introduced. If the MP is successful the bill is taken to have had its first reading.

This Bill is a Private Member’s Bill. These are often not printed until close to the second reading debate. If the text is not yet available here and you wish to know more about this bill please contact its sponsor, Norman Lamb.

Also here’s a piece in the Guardian dated 7 May 2016 detailing Lamb’s Bill and its supporters and co-sponsors

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