UK: Liverpool – Four cannabis farms found by police officers walking down road

The strong smell made it obvious to officers

A strong smell of cannabis wafting down a Liverpool Street led to passing police officers finding hundreds of plants.

Merseyside Police officers were walking on foot on Wednesday, November 3 when they noticed a strong smell of cannabis coming from an address on Arundel Avenue in Wavertree.

They searched a home on the road and discovered cannabis farms in two flats within the property.

Further searches uncovered two cannabis farms in an adjoining property with 396 plants inside.

All of the plants along with associated growing equipment was recovered.

It was also discovered that the electricity had been tampered with.

Four men and women were arrested following the find, this included a 39 year-old on suspicion of possession of a controlled drug and cultivating a cannabis plant, a 36 year-old on suspicion of producing a controlled drug, possession with intent to supply, and abstracting electricity.

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