UK – Lost In Translation: Duo driving weed smelling Merc arrested after accidentally showing police video of huge cannabis farm on his phone whilst looking for google translate !

Sky News reports on a pair who could end up winning the most hapless cannabis growers of the year award !

Two suspects were stopped in their car after police noticed a strong smell of cannabis.

Officers stopped a suspicious grey Mercedes in Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, on Wednesday evening – and noticed a strong smell of cannabis.

They did not find anything after searching the vehicle, but the problems did not end there for the two men in the car.

One of the suspects, who did not speak English as his first language, opened up his phone to use Google Translate to speak to the officers – and instead a video of a cannabis farm flashed up on the screen.

The pair, aged 38 and 22, were arrested on suspicion of production of a Class B drug.

Police later discovered a significant cannabis farm at a property in Easington Lane, where more than 600 cannabis plants were found covering three floors.

The farm was shut down and the drugs seized.



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