UK: Man caught wheeling suitcase full of weed at busy rail station sentenced to more than two years in prison

BBC reports the British Transport Police (BTP) previously reported the man “strolled” through the station that day before buying his ticket. The casual demeanour and what the authorities characterize as subsequent concerning and suspicious behaviour was noticed by station staff who then texted the police.

Responding plain-clothes officers with BTP’s county lines task force stopped the man, notes a police Facebook post, reportedly while he was on one of the train platforms, per U.K. Daily News.


Authorities call bid ‘particularly brazen’

Express & Star reports the luggage was searched following a brief chat, with officers then finding Class B drugs, which include cannabis, in both the suitcase and backpack. In all, the cannabis weighed 7.4 kilograms.

Previously pleading to possessing a Class B substance with the intent to supply — a charge carrying a maximum penalty of up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both — the man was sentenced late last week to two years and seven months imprisonment.

Calling the smuggling bid “particularly brazen,” BTP Detective Constable Mohit Behl points out in the police statement that the service deploys a number of specialist units, including plain-clothes officers and drug-sniffing dogs “every day to tackle county lines activity. Anyone attempting to move commodities on the railway in this manner is extremely naive — we will catch you and bring you to justice.”

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