UK: Man Caught With Cannabis Tries Hiding Above Skylight During Police Raid, Photo Is Viral

A man who was caught with a cannabis firm inside an apartment was filmed hiding above the skylight of his house during a police raid.
Yep, the accused tried to make a quick getaway by climbing onto the roof of the house. However, it didn’t take time for the long arms of the law to reach him.
A court heard that 32-year-old Etmond Lika was paying £100 a day to maintain the cannabis farm inside a terraced house.
He was reportedly put in the house and tasked with looking after the cannabis plants as they grew.
Lika appeared at Liverpool Crown Court via video link after pleading guilty, the Liverpool Echo reported.
During the raid, the cops first discovered as many as 200 cannabis plants. But when the search widened, Lika attempted to escape the building by climbing through a skylight and hiding on the roof.
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