UK: Man jailed after after police find cannabis farm in house

A MAN who was growing cannabis in four rooms at a house has been sent to prison.

Officers discovered a cannabis farm at an address in Molyneux Drive, Prescot on Monday, May 16.

At around 3.20pm police attended the property after receiving reports of suspicious behaviour.

Officers sighted Armalindo Disha attempting to make off from the back of the property and detained him.

Police noticed that he smelled strongly of cannabis.

A search of the address by police revealed four cannabis growing rooms, three large bags of green vegetable matter and associated growing equipment, and evidence of the electricity being breached.

St Helens Star: Some of the cannabis found in the property


Some of the cannabis found in the property

Disha, 23, was arrested, taken into custody for questioning, charged with cannabis production and remanded into custody.

On Wednesday, May 18, Disha appeared at Liverpool, Knowsley and St Helens Magistrates’ Court.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months in jail.

After the sentencing, Inspector Mark Berry said: “Cannabis farms such as the one we recovered this week put communities at serious risk of flood, fire, violence and criminal exploitation.

“Thanks to the report received, a man is now behind bars and a quantity of drugs and the misery that they bring have been removed from our community.”

“We take action on all information received about drug production, supply and storage so keep telling us what you know and we’ll keep the streets safer from the harm they cause. Be aware of some of the signs of cannabis growth, and we’ll do the rest.”

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