UK: Man who bludgeoned his wife and an elderly pensioner to death during a psychotic episode triggered by (251) NBOMe – a highly potent synthetic version of LSD sentenced for murder

This from the quiet rural county of West Sussex in the UK..

Daniel Appleton, 38, was heard shouting “I could murder you” before he beat his wife Amy, 32, to death with a metal pole on their driveway on December 22 2019.

He also attacked pensioner Sandy Seagrave, 76, outside his home in Crawley Down, West Sussex, with her own walking stick after she confronted him.

An eyewitness told Hove Trial Centre in East Sussex she saw Appleton wave the stick above his head as he stood over her lifeless body before he shouted a victory speech.

Appleton reportedly looked “huge, bold and puffed up” like the “Incredible Hulk” as he laid into his wife.

Police were called to the home where they found Appleton in a pool of his own blood in the kitchen just days before the pair were due to celebrate Christmas.

A jury heard from a forensic pharmacologist who said Appleton’s behaviour was likely to be as a result of (251) NBOMe – a highly potent synthetic version of LSD.

He denied taking the drugs but did tell the jury his mental health deteriorated prior to the brutal bloody attack.

On the second day of his evidence, Lewis Power QC, for Appleton, asked the 38-year-old how he felt about the deaths and he offered an emotional apology to the families of the women he killed from the witness box.

Appleton said: “I’m devastated. Absolutely devastated by what has happened.

“I don’t know where, if they are here, or where they are, but I just want Amy’s family to know that I’m devastated by what has happened and that I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

“Amy was very special to us all. She was loving and caring and she was just always so happy. Everyone loved Amy.

“I just want to say that I’m devastated for all the families that have been involved.

“Devastated for the loss of Mrs Seagrave and I can’t bring myself to imagine the trauma that they have gone through and I’m so very sorry.

“I know sorry’s not good enough but I haven’t got words for any of this.

“It’s so very tragic.”



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