UK Media Reports The Windsor Royal Farm Shop Now Retails A CBD Beverage Line

The Daily Express reports..

A 250ml drink containing marijuana extracts has become one of the fastest-selling items at the Queen’s Windsor Farm Shop in Berkshire, a source has claimed. The product is made by a firm called Trip and is infused with 15mg of cannabidiol (CBD).

The ingredient is legal in the UK and is often used for medicinal purposes.

At the store located near the Queen’s Windsor Castle residence, a range of different drink flavours are available – including peach, ginger elderflower and mint.

The product is branded with “peace V-sign” with the words “Trip” and underneath says “CBD infused”.

It retails for £2.19 and customers have reportedly been buying as many as eight items at one time.

An insider told The Sun: “The drinks are quite quirky but very unusual for a farm shop — especially one run by The Queen.

“They are selling out quick. People pick up about seven or eight each time.

“The shop started stocking a few months ago and they’ve been really popular.”

Trip is a firm registered in London and on its website it says the peach and ginger drink is “for guilt-free good times”.



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