It’s probably the only medicine UK patients will be able to get post Brexit as there are so many grow operations in the UK !

Just in case you think we are being serious, we aren’t (and we are) , just a little dig at Boris & Hancock whenever we can.

Peter McCusker and Editor of BusinessCann writes…..

THE NHS is to launch is first-ever cannabis patient registry in a move which signifies an ambition for the medicines to become more widely-available to UK patients.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock ordered an urgent review into the lack of cannabis prescriptions, last spring.

The creation of a patient database was one of the recommendations of the subsequent report; ‘Barriers to accessing cannabis-based products for medicinal use on NHS prescription’

The NHS has now confirmed to BusinessCann that this will now be launched early next year entitled the Patient Registry for Cannabis-Based Products.

Read his full report at


All we’ll say at this time is that with 3 patients on the books ( maybe a few more now?)………

They could probably just jot it down in a notebook but I’m sure there’s a Tory party member out there who sells dog therapy bathing systems who’ll be given a contract for £20million to “build” the registry so that the work can be outsourced the philippines and the other £19,999,999 deposited into a Caymans or BVI bank account.