UK: Paisley man caught with over 300g of cannabis claimed he sold it as he “couldn’t get a job”

A Paisley man who had more than 300g of cannabis in his flat claims he was only selling the drugs because he couldn’t get a job during lockdown.

Peter McLean was caught with 313g of the Class-B drug on February 17, this year at his flat in Waverley Road.

The 39-year-old had previously admitted to Paisley Sheriff Court by letter that he was concerned in the supply of the drug but sentence was deferred for personal appearance.

Yesterday at the town’s sheriff court, McLean maintained his guilty plea and will return next year to learn the outcome of the case.

The procurator fiscal depute told the court: “Around 9am on Wednesday, February 17, police attended the home address of the accused with a search warrant.

“On chapping the door, the accused allowed entry and he was informed he was being detained for the search warrant to be executed.

“Under caution, the accused stated, ‘F**k it, at least I’m not dealing stuff that kills folk. Cause of this lockdown I’ve not been able to get a job, so only doing it to get by.’

“Officers found a blue carrier bag containing green herbal material. On analysis this tested positive and weighed 274g.

“Officers also found a set of digital scales with green herbal material on them.

“And a plastic tub was also found with green herbal material. When tested, this also tested positive for cannabis and weighed 39g.

“There was also a roll of sandwich bags found in the kitchen drawer.

“The search was concluded and the accused was cautioned and charged where he made no reply.

“The expected value if these items were sold on the street would be £2740 for the drugs found within the plastic bag and £40 for the drugs found in the tub.”

Defence agent David Nicholson explained the value of the drugs if sold on the street was yet to be determined and the figures provided by the procurator fiscal depute was an estimate as the drug value had “not been provided in the police report.”

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