UK: Shropshire – Telford driver caught with cocaine in her system twice within weeks

Rachel Barratt, aged 44, was first caught behind the wheel of a Vauxhall Corsa in Park Lane, St Georges, Telford on May 5 last year. She had benzolecgonine – the main metabolite of cocaine – in her system. A test found 706 microgrammes per litre of blood. The legal limit is 50mcg.

Then, on June 10, she tested positive for cocaine and benzolecgonine when she was stopped on St Georges Road, Telford. She was five times the legal cocaine limit. A benzolecgonine test found she had 800mcg per litre of blood.

Barratt, of Lawns Wood, Malinslee, Telford, pleaded guilty at Kidderminster Magistrates Court to three charges of driving with a controlled drug above the specified limit, two charges of driving while disqualified and two charges of driving without insurance.


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