UK : We The Undersigned & Seed Our Future Issue Joint Communique On UK Govt & “Continued Inclusion of Cannabis Within MoDA 1971 and MDR 2001.”

The release entitled

Counter Evidence Report for the Claims used by the UK Government to Justify the Continued Inclusion of Cannabis Within MoDA 1971 and MDR 2001.

Was published to the Seed Our Future website on the 30th March 2021 to mark the 60th anniversary of the signing of the single convention.


Here’s the introductory summary


As the world wakes up to the truth surrounding the relative safety and powerful health and therapeutic properties of cannabis, and the real truths surrounding the past century of escalating prohibition globally, the UK legislation remains stagnant as the UK Government remains adamant in regurgitating the influential voices of the past in that this non-toxic benign plant is a danger to individuals and society.

It was the British Government, who instigated one of the most detailed reports into the safety of cannabis via a Royal Commission 128 years ago. A succession of governmental reports, scientific papers since, which have confirmed the results of the above-mentioned commission have been ignored and the war on cannabis users in the UK has continued for 93 years.

As our Government has furiously defended the obvious mistakes of the past, they have desperately depended on self-commissioned, inconclusive reports, in an attempt to keep face with the public. This war has been a spectacular failure in its intentions and has caused insurmountable harm upon its people, society, our economy and the environment.

This report is a culmination of decades of research carried out by dedicated cannabis advocates and contains a wealth of indisputable evidence which collectively proves, without reasonable doubt, that the inclusion of cannabis within the Misuse of Drugs Act was based upon ideological, racial, political and economic motivations and not that of the science of harms. It also proves that these laws are incompatible with human rights laws as affirmed by the United Nations.

We hope and trust that the contents of this report will be of use to the Courts in returning long awaited justice to the people and in finding the continued inclusion of cannabis within MoDA 1971, not in the public interest.


The Full Communique

SoF-WTU Evidence Report Mar 21 V2.0

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