UK – Who Is Outlaw ? Is He The Banksy Of Cannabis……..

Most of our UK readers will be aware of the masked mystery personnage, Outlaw, who has gotten himself into trouble with the law in the UK a number of times over the last 18 months because like many others he’s decided he’s had enough of the UK’s archaic cannabis laws that criminalize just about anybody who likes a bit of a toke.

In New Jersey Weedman has been on a similar path for a number of years.



Now NJ is about to go legit, so it seems is Weedman.

You can even get Weedman Merch now !



The UK is behind the 8 ball and it looks as though our masked crusader is here to do something about it and here at CLR we wholeheartedly support his take it to the man approach.

This time last year as the pandemic broke  OUTLAW took to the streets handing out free toilet paper and weed


OUTLAW (Source Vice)

Vice reported at the time

Others, more sensibly, have decided to drive around at 5 mph in a van – with the words “Free Isolation Essentials: Toilet Roll, Sanitiser, Bottled Water, Grinders, Bud” boldly emblazoned on the side – blasting Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry”, doling out free weed and other important items.
This isn’t the first time Manchester-based music producer and activist OUTLAW has pulled a stunt like this. He’s become something of a mythical figure in the city, putting perceived wrongs to right in his own peculiar ways. Last summer, to the delight of everyone bar the Greater Manchester Police, he unfurled a banner saying “FREE BUD” in the Piccadilly Gardens area of the city centre and handed out small bags of weed to anyone passing by.
Last December, wearing his black balaclava, he was put in the back of a police van after handing out cash in Christmas cards to the homeless community.


The Boys in Blue have not taken kindly to OUTLAW‘s charitable outlook on life




The man’s generosity and common sense knows no bounds



Now we learn from sources that OUTLAW is to take his campaign a few steps forward.

We gather that he is to start up his own law firm and is encouraging anybody given grief by the police to contact the solicitors and register the where, when and reason given for stop and search etc. See more information on his website


But that’s not all. On March 10 he announced via Insta's profile picture

Happy to announce my solicitors have given me the go ahead to take the government to court over the UK’s corrupted but continued prohibition of cannabis and their unlawful actions against cannabis users😤🌿 ⁣

I’ve now officially covered the amount it costs to instruct a Judge to conduct a judicial review that will start by looking into the Home Office failing to respond to freedom of information requests about the harm and evidence that supports these daft cannabis laws.⁣

The document is going through final legal checks now. One of my solicitors is doing a press statement and issuing the docs to the Home Office along with our intended proceedings on Monday 5th April. They have 14 days to respond and then we go for it😤💯🔥🔥

On the same day he’s issued it, I’ll be publishing the full doc on my website⁣ (link in bio) it’s a crazzzzy read 👀😳 ⁣

Here we are on the countdown we can’t wait to read the document

As soon as the judicial review is done, if it doesn’t work out I’ll be doing a huge Group Litigation Order with the best litigation solicitors in the UK (who have had laws overturned in the past). I’ll need all your support for that, and loads of statements from anyone who has been affected by the corrupt cannabis laws 😤🔐🛑

It’s cost a lot already and Group Litigation will cost loads more so any support is mad appreciated. Just started a Patreon if anyone wants to show love 🏆💚 Keep looped with all updates and read the doc on my new website on Monday 5th April 2021.⁣

And this is just the start… wait till u see what I got for 4/20 this year⁣ 👀😯🤪


The OUTLAW  website is a must read and if you don’t do websites there’s all the other socials



He’s even got a spotify playlist




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