UK: Worldnet Payments Tells UK Clients With CBD Buisness.. Comply With Regs Or We Don’t Service You

Cannabis Business Executive report that the letter says…

“As a financial institution we must ensure that businesses comply with the FSA requirement and your CBD products can be sold legally.

“Therefore can you please provide us with the FSA acknowledgement letter confirming the receipt of the application and stating the products and the application number.

“This letter is issued by the FSA to the party (supplier/manufacturer/merchant) submitting the application.

“If for some reason this cannot be obtained, alternatively we can accept a letter (on company letter-headed paper) from the party that made the submission confirming the products and the application number.”

Within the next few weeks the Food Standards Agency (FSA) says it expects all CBD products on sale in the UK to be aligned with a Validated Novel Food application.

While most UK businesses are following this path others are not, either through choice or because of the cost.

One of the CBD trade associations at the forefront of the drive to create a well-regulated CBD industry is the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry.

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Over 100 CBD Businesses Given April 1 Deadline By Leading UK Payment Firm

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