UK’s First Novel Food Validation ‘Will Help Forge A New Path For Global Cannabis Industry’ Says BusinessCann Article

Here’s the intro to the article… the headline is a bit of a furphy as it suggests they already have validation but the article says…… and their pending Authorisations 

Looking ahead she believes successful Novel Food Validations in Europe and the UK – and their pending Authorisations – will lead to a step-change for the whole industry.

“Even now, with this Validation, and the recent floatations of the three companies on the London Stock Exchange, all of this is really good to go back to the social media companies with.

“All of our fellow CBD companies are struggling with these issues because we cannot advertise our products on Instagram or Facebook; it’s challenging to find the right banks to deal with and to find the right payment gateway when selling products online.

“Now, with this legislation is coming through, this is helping in our discussions with all of these groups and we just hope it will be easier for all of us going forward. We’re hoping this will help change the perceptions of CBD and cannabis in the wider business community.”

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