Ultimate Stash Box Checklist: How To Pack Your Cannabis Stash Box

Cannabis enthusiasts get attached to their pot accouterments and quite serious when it comes to protecting their stash in order to preserve its quality and freshness. A dedicated smoker wants to organize all that important kit and a cannabis stash box is the best type of storage container you can invest in no matter how big or small your collection is.   

A proper stash box is one that is organized, easy to access, but kept away from prying eyes.

In the article below, we take a look at the ultimate cannabis stash box checklist, to guide you on your way to packing your container, which will make you enjoy your cannabis even more.

Flowers and Rolling Paper

It goes without saying that flowers, hash, or oil are the number one thing you want to put in your airtight container. All the accessories and tools don’t mean a thing without a top-quality stash.

The next thing you want to do is load up on your preferred selection of rolling papers, but you may also want to include cones, filters, and crutches for ease of use and if you’re somewhat health-conscious.

Everyone is not necessarily into rolling their joints but when your number one option is not available, rolling papers are the perfect plan B. To stir things up a bit, you can try flavored blunt wraps, especially if you don’t like the taste that the pot leaves in your mouth.


Your cannabis experience would be nothing without a lighter. So make sure to put one, or even two lighters in your stash box as we know how they always tend to disappear when you need them the most. 

Lighters come in various shapes, sizes, and types but we always recommend using a traditional lighter that is powered by butane. When adding a lighter to the box, make sure you choose one that is easy to use as you don’t want to fumble around.

Poking Tool and Grinder

The right tools for cleaning your bowl may not always be easy to find. Even though anything small and pointy can be used as a poking tool, if you’re ready to have a properly organized stash box, consider buying a poking tool that will get the job done right.

This will stop you from getting frustrated and wind up stressed from running around the house trying to find a random item to use.

Keeping a high-quality grinder from reputed sources like capu.de in your stash box is an essential accessory that will ensure that you always get the best out of your pot as it shreds the herb finely. Also, it is a good way of avoiding the hassle of breaking up the herb with your fingers.

Look for a grinder made of stainless steel as it is usually the best material and it will last you longer.

Dabbing Tool

An important tool you want to be part of your other smoking arsenal is a dabber. It is perfect for vaping your concentrates and works as a portable device. Dabbers work as simple heatproof tools that are used to scoop out a dab of cannabis concentrate and place it on your dab nail or vape pen to get a potent product.

Using a solid dabbing tool made from heat-resistant and durable materials like titanium, stainless steel, ceramic and glass is the safest option. They vary in size, materials, and design but perform the same function. It’s up to you as the final consumer, to consider these factors when going shopping for the best dabbing tool.

Eye Drops and Black Peppercorns

If you feel that the smoke is getting in your eyes, making them dry and itchy, you should include a bottle of eye drops in your stash box. It will provide you with instant relief, preventing bloodshot eyes and making you feel self-conscious in public.

A good way to counteract paranoia is by including a pack of black peppercorns in your stash box collection. Cannabis users swear by these when in need of taking the edge of a high gone bad. This anxiety-calming spice will be in your immediate reach when you might suddenly need to get a fresh whiff.

Final Thoughts

What you end up having in your stash box is a personal choice as the content varies from person to person. Someone who uses weed for therapeutic and medicinal needs might have a box that looks totally different than a recreational user.

In the end, what matters is that the stash box keeps everything organized and safe. This way, you’ll be guaranteed to have fresh cannabis, ready to be enjoyed at all times.

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