University of Fez, Laprophan Laboratories to Conduct Medical Cannabis Research

Rabat – A month after adopting the bill on cannabis legalization, Morocco, through the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University of Fez (USMBA), signed on Thursday a partnership agreement with the Laprophan laboratory to promote biomedical research on medical cannabis.

The signing ceremony took place between Radouane Mrabet, President of USMBA, and Farid Bennis, Laprophan’s CEO.

The USMBA has a renowned experience in conducting biomedical research, training, and development work.

“The University has accumulated a long experience in medical and pharmacological research, in particular in the valuation of medicinal and aromatic plants, including medical cannabis, as well as in clinical trials within the framework of the treatment of refractory epilepsy based on medical cannabis,” said Mrabet.

Meanwhile, Laprophan’s CEO said that “the agreement is a recognition of the USMBA’s commitment to the development of scientific research and innovation.”

He continued that the partnership will greatly contribute to “the development of Moroccan biomedical research with the aim of enhancing the therapeutic potential of aromatic and medicinal plants, particularly the therapeutic uses of cannabis derivatives.”

Under the partnership agreement, the two parties commit to exchange expertise and know-how in the field of biomedical research.

The partnership will touch on medical and paramedical valuation of medicinal and aromatic plants in addition to clinical toxicology, preclinical, and clinical studies related to the medical valuation of therapeutic cannabis.

Through a set of 13 university establishments affiliated within its wings, the USMBA has 58 research laboratories, 1,700 research professors, and more than 4,000 doctoral students.

It has established around 104 national conventions in addition to a further 140 international conventions.

The Laprophan laboratories, pioneers in the pharmaceutical industry in Morocco, have been largely active in research and development with several synergies with Moroccan and European universities. They have invested in several fields, including galenics, physico-chemistry, pharmaco-toxicology, microbiology, research clinical, and molecular chemistry.


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