USA: Jeffersontown police seize 110 pounds of cocaine from semitruck

Police arrested 44-year-old Javier Tapia, of Texas, on Wednesday after uncovering 110 pounds, or 50 kilos, of cocaine from his truck.

They said that Tapia was seen driving with a cracked windshield on Bluegrass Parkway when he pulled into the parking lot of an At Home store, where he told officers he was parking his semitruck to check into a nearby hotel.

Officers approached Tapia and asked for his Commercial Driver’s License or Operator’s License, but he didn’t provide one.

Police grew suspicious after they asked Tapia why he was checking into a hotel when his truck had a sleeper cab. This is when they said he became visibly nervous.

Shortly after this, police deployed a K9 unit to search the truck, which is when they found 110 pounds of cocaine in the sleeper cab.

“We really believe we’ve taken an organization from cradle to grave,” Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders said. “This cocaine, we think, came from the border. This is significant because we’re often asked why don’t you get to the source instead of taking off the users. We have done that. This is a major shipment of cocaine coming into Louisville, Kentucky.”


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