USA Roundup: California, Colorado, Florida, New York, Vermont


High Times reports on the exit left of a DA who was never that keen on legalized cannabis.

San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis Retires

Last week, medical cannabis advocates bid farewell to outgoing San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis with a New Orleans-style funeral march, complete with a seven-piece brass jazz band.

Dumanis retired from the position she held for more than 14 years on Friday, July 7.

The demonstration was held outside the county’s Hall of Justice in downtown San Diego, as the prosecutor exited the building among a phalanx of law enforcement personnel. The dozens of police officers, who said they were there on their own time, had assembled for a “ceremonial walkout” to a vintage San Diego police car that then drove Dumanis away.


Under Legalization, Colorado Businesses Must Rethink Drug Testing Policies



City Of Saratosa Blocks Cannabis Sales For Another 90 Days . Officials Say “There is a high risk to public safety that comes from marijuana dispensaries”

The move made by the Sarasota commissioners may create a conflict with the state law.

Patients who need medical weed in order to essentially stay alive fear that such a move could restrict their access to the medicine.

For Richard Watt, a seizure can strike at any moment and each moment is precious. He says that “each seizure could be the last one and you never know which one”. Watt has been suffering from seizures for eight years.


New York aims to ramp up hemp industry with new law, funding

NY Gov. Signs Hemp Expansions into Law; State Earmarks $10M for Industry Investments


Legalization What’s The Deal With Legal Cannabis in Vermont?

Efforts to legalize recreational cannabis in Vermont have become mired down in a sometimes confusing legislative process. Here’s a full rundown of what’s going on with legal cannabis in Vermont.

What’s The Deal With Legal Cannabis in Vermont?

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