USA Roundup: General, Alaska, California, New York, South Dakota


Op-Ed: Washington Post: Why Jeff Sessions is going to lose his war against cannabis

On at least one front, however, Sessions’s new war on drugs is likely to fail. In taking on cannabis — particularly the medical uses of cannabis — he is staking out a position that is at odds with powerful interests and an overwhelming majority of Americans from nearly all walks of life. This tide is too strong to swim against.

Op-Ed USA Today Marijuana’s legalization fuels black market in other states

Others may argue that states not legalizing are fueling their own blackmarket.


Profile: This 59 Year old mother of 2 is making millions selling legal marijuana gummies

Nancy Whiteman’s marijuana confectionary company makes millions of dollars a year, but she considers herself an “accidental cannabis entrepreneur.”

That’s how she felt in 2010 when starting Wana Brands (shortened from marijuana), now Colorado’s leading company for cannabis-infused confectionary products.


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Alaska Cannabis Tax Revenues Reach New High



Oakland Gives Marijuana Convicts First Chance To Open Legal Weed Businesses

Oakland Gives Marijuana Convicts First Chance To Open Legal Weed Businesses

Under a new proposal, Oakland will give marijuana convicts the first chance to open legal weed businesses. Advocates say the plan is an attempt to make up for older, more punitive anti-weed laws.


Florida adds 10,000 medical marijuana patients since early June



New York’s next medical marijuana licensees leap into embattled market


Typo Could Derail Legalization Effort in South Dakota


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