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If you happened to be watching that wonderful independent Lens documentary last night on PBS about seeds, this thought popped into our minds.. and hey presto next day there’s an article in GQ

The Great Pot Monopoly Mystery

Some very powerful people are trying to corner the market on legal weed and turn their company into the Monsanto of marijuana. Who are they? And can they be stopped?

But this database—a cornucopia of cannabis DNA—had captured a very specific moment in time, a moment Holmes believed would be over soon. The age of artisanal marijuana might have already peaked, and the era of corporate pot was just beginning.

Intrigued, I met up with him the next day to hear more. The first thing he said was: “Be nervous.”


Sponsors and Speakers Dropping from CWCBExpo Due to Roger Stone Keynote


Congress To Decide On State Marijuana Protections Soon

Under current federal law, the Department of Justice is barred from interfering with state medical marijuana laws. But that provision — along with funding for agencies across the federal government — is set to expire in just over a month, on September 30, unless Congress votes to extend it.

Details are now beginning to emerge about how lawmakers plan to address Fiscal Year 2018 spending levels and policy riders concerning marijuana and other issues.

The House Rules Committee announced earlier this month that Republican leaders intend to bring a combined appropriations bill covering various federal departments to the floor in September, and there could be opportunities to vote on extending the medical cannabis protections as well as several other marijuana riders.

That’s if Republican leaders allow those amendments to even be considered, and there is reason to be concerned that they might not.


Arkansas medical marijuana group chooses chairman Thurman, selected after state panel’s chief declined offer

A Fayetteville pain management physician will serve as chairman of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Association, the group announced Monday.

Regina Thurman is medical director for Optimal Pain and Wellness. She specializes in using comprehensive approaches for the treatment of pain, according to a news release.


As we get closer to January 2, 2018 and a newly-regulated cannabis industry, the State of California’s three licensing authorities are searching for qualified candidates to assist in the ongoing regulation process.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control, CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing and the California Department of Public Health are all hiring for a wide variety of positions in the coming months. Active job seekers can find current open positions located on the State of California’s jobs website.

State of California Job Website:

Applicants who have not held a state position before, or have yet to apply for one, are encouraged to watch the following step-by-step video tutorials available on YouTube.

Applying for a State Job:

How to Take an Exam:

Information, news and other job openings are posted on each department’s respective social media pages as they become available.

Bureau of Cannabis Control:

CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing:

California Department of Public Health:

All applicants are welcome. Take those first steps in getting a career started with the state of California today!


Denver, Colorado Set to Accept Public-Use Applications by the End of the Month


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