USA Roundup: Federal, State Governors, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Montana


Bipartisan bill would reclassify marijuana as Schedule 3 substance



4 Governors Ask Trump`s Administration to Chill Out on Recreational Cannabis Crackdown

Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington (the states where recreational pot is legal) governors wrote a letter to Trump administration asking to be more rational about any possible changes to the federal legislation about weed.

Oregon governor, Kate Brown, Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, Alaska governor Bill Walker, and Washington governor Jay Inslee wrote to the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin asking to continue Obama-era policy regarding recreational cannabis use.

Because it`s wise and profitable to the country.


Arkansas moves from lottery to merit-based MMJ licensing system



Five Signs That Florida Is Bungling Its Medical Marijuana Industry

Warning here. This is one of those newspaper sites that drives you bananas with the amount of ads it generates. That said with all the excitement late last year about progress in FL this is worth a read. Seasoned industry types will place head in hands and wonder why nobody got on the phone to CO, WA & OR govt departments !


Voters in Kansas City Overwhelmingly Approve Marijuana Decriminalization



Marijuana ‘gifts’ legal as state works out licensing rules


Registration for Patients and Caregivers Opens Today in Maryland



Chart: Medical cannabis patient counts rebounding in Montana

Chart: Medical cannabis patient counts rebounding in Montana


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