USA Roundup: Thursday 30 March: Federal, Kansas, Massachusetts, Tennessee


Colorado Rep. Polis introduces bill to decriminalize marijuana and regulate like alcohol

The bill would allow for the federally legal existence of state-based marijuana programs without opening the door for interstate commerce

(4) Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act Summary

Bipartisan “Path to Marijuana Reform” bills introduced to decriminalize, protect, regulate cannabis industry

Three marijuana-related bills address issues such as taxation, banking, civil forfeiture, de-scheduling, decriminalization, research, individual protections and regulation

BREAKING: Sweeping Bipartisan Marijuana Legislation Introduced in U.S. House & Senate

Seven pro-marijuana bills introduced Thursday in Congress


Patent No. 6,630,507: Why the U.S. government holds a patent on cannabis plant compounds

Marijuana’s Biggest Enemy Is Not Jeff Sessions–It’s Big Pharma

Activists’ worst fears about this David-versus-Goliath scenario have come true over the last six months. Recent news could very well represent a tipping point in Big Pharma’s quest to squash voter-approved pot-legalizing initiatives while preserving the medical marijuana market for its own products: pills and sprays made of synthetic cannabis components such as THC and CBD.


Kansas City, Missouri Voting Tuesday on Cannabis Decriminalization


Financial snafu could slow Massachusetts’ rec cannabis rollout


Tennessee blocking cities’ push to ease marijuana punishment

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – As some states and cities around the nation look to ease criminal punishment for marijuana possession, Tennessee’s conservative Republican legislature is blocking that trend in Nashville and Memphis.

As a result, police in those cities could soon lose their option of giving minor citations for carrying small amounts of marijuana.

Tennessee lawmakers have agreed to bar cities from issuing civil citations for marijuana possession, and GOP Gov. Bill Haslam is deferring to the legislature, said spokeswoman Jennifer Donnals.


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