Alaska Governor Appoints New Marijuana Control Board Members With Anti-Cannabis Records

In a blow to Alaska’s cannabis industry, newly inaugurated Gov. Mike Dunleavy has appointed former Fairbanks City Councilwoman Vivian Stiver and Wildlife Trooper Lt. Christopher Jaime to the state’s Marijuana Control Board, which could have serious implications for the state’s efforts to regulate on-site cannabis consumption at state-licensed dispensaries. The new members, who must be approved by the state legisl



Marijuana business owners plead to drug, racketeering counts

DENVER (AP) — The owners of a Denver marijuana business have pleaded guilty to drug and racketeering charges, stemming from a yearlong grand jury investigation that prosecutors say uncovered more than two tons of marijuana entering the black market.

Matthew Aiken, Christian Johnson and Anthony Sauro pleaded guilty Friday to violating Colorado’s racketeering law and illegal distribution of marijuana.

Under a plea agreement, each is expected to serve one year in jail tied to the drug charge and one year of parole for the racketeering charge.

Prosecutors said the three owners were aware that Sweet Leaf employees allowed customers to make multiple purchases on the same day, exceeding the state’s one ounce possession limit.

They say investigators believe the company was responsible for almost 2.5 tons of illegal marijuana entering the black market.

Colorado Advances Bill to Add Autism as Medical Cannabis Condition




Florida Governor Wants To Modify Its Marijuana Market

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ bombshell announcement to drop his predecessor’s appeal against legalizing cannabis flower for medical marijuana patients contained a largely unreported nugget that he also in favor of getting rid of vertical integration for licensed cannabis operators in the state, allowing for individually licensed cannabis businesses instead. Governor DeSantis’ remarks about wanting to eliminate vertical integration came as a shock to most, considering Florida’s historical stance on limited cannabis licensing in the state.

“The way they did this vertical integration is not [based on] free market principles,” said the Governor.



Maine’s marijuana legalization timeline goes up in smoke

PORTLAND, Maine — Maine marijuana lovers hoping to put the ‘‘bake’’ back in clambake this summer might be out of luck.

State officials said Friday that Maine rescinded a Los Angeles consultant’s winning bid to help craft the rules about key issues such as sales and packaging of marijuana.

Timeline For Maine Marijuana Legalization Is Uncertain

The state has voided a contract won by a California consultant to propose rules and procedures for deploying the Maine’s legalized adult-use marijuana marketplace. The move came after a losing bidder with local ties appealed the award, saying the state failed to give adequate weight to that Maine connection.

This development has raised concerns that the already much-delayed rollout of the state’s recreational pot system would slow even more. But Dick Thompson, Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Administration and Finance, says his agency is now drafting a revised request for proposals with the goal of completing the market regulations sooner than the original contract required.


Massachusetts Marijuana Growers Say Cannabis Control Commission Should Be Allowed to Regulate Municipal Marijuana Agreements

An advocacy group for Massachusetts marijuana growers has taken the first step toward asking the courts to give the Cannabis Control Commission authority to regulate host community agreements signed between municipalities and marijuana shops.

Peter Bernard, president of the Massachusetts Grower Advisory Council, said the large fees required by many host community agreements are a huge problem for the marijuana industry and “a barrier to entry to the smaller operator.”

“We feel like if we do nothing, nothing’s going to change,” Bernard said.


Michigan Supreme Court To Hear Dispute Over Medical Cannabis Limitations

Michigan Supreme Court To Hear Dispute Over Medical Cannabis Limitations

Legal cannabis gifts lead to new business practice in Michigan


Federal Court Recognizes Free Speech for Cannabis Producer, Connecticut Lawmakers Introduce Adult-Use Legalization Bill: Week in Review

In a ruling in favor of New Mexico’s Ultra Health, a federal judge recognized the First Amendment protections guaranteed to medical cannabis producers.


Medical Cannabis Company Sues New Mexico Over Cannabis Sales Tax


House Democrats look to legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico

SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – For the first time this session, lawmakers are taking a stab at legalizing recreational marijuana in the state.

The bill, sponsored by House Democrats, would make it legal for anyone 21 and over to possess up to two ounces of pot.

It also provides for a person to grow up to six mature plants in their home.

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Marijuana Times Article

What’s Behind Oklahoma’s Quick Rollout of Medical Marijuana?

What’s Behind Oklahoma’s Quick Rollout of Medical Marijuana?


Oregon Hemp Farmer Wants State to Close Cultivation Loophole

Oregon Hemp Farmer Wants State to Close Cultivation Loophole


In turnaround, Pennsylvania governor exploring adult-use cannabis legalization

In turnaround, Pennsylvania governor exploring adult-use cannabis legalization



WA ponders allowing small marijuana growers to sell direct to consumers

WA ponders allowing small marijuana growers to sell direct to consumers

Private Confirmation of Washington Cannabis Regulators Sparks Outrage



Is hemp Wyoming’s next emerging industry? Some legislators think so.

Several Wyoming lawmakers believe the Cowboy State could eventually beat out Kentucky as the ideal place to grow industrial hemp: a fibrous and strong variety of the Cannabis sativa plant that some believe could be the future of American agriculture. The global market for industrial hemp, according to a report by business consulting firm Grand View Research, was estimated at $3.9 billion in 2017 and, over the coming decades, is expected to grow significantly thanks to provisions in the federal Farm Bill passed in 2018, which removed industrial hemp’s status as a controlled substance.

Rep. Bunky Loucks, R-Casper, sees an opportunity.

On Thursday, the House Agriculture Committee will be meeting to discuss a new bill, House Bill 171, that Loucks is sponsoring with a bipartisan group of 23 lawmakers. The legislation, in accordance with the new Farm Bill, creates a state-level regulatory framework for local producers to grow industrial grade hemp.