Vice: People Secretly Growing Magic Mushrooms in the Wild

Guerilla gardeners are using squirt guns and spore-infused water to spread hallucinogenic fungi in forests.

They’re going out across Colorado, Oregon, California, Washington and elsewhere to dump kilos of wood chips seeded with shroom spores and shoot millions of spores from water guns. It’s industrial level psychedelic philanthropy.

“The last few years, I’ve seen a significant decline in the population of magic mushrooms in our area,” says Jeff Patterson, a glassblower from Bremerton, Washington. “And so the only way to combat it is to plant more. They have medicinal powers for addiction and depression. I ate as many as I could one night and woke up and haven’t smoked a cigarette since.”

This belief in the mushroom is reflected in his work. “Here’s an experiment in high tech psilocybe patch-making technology,” he says in an Instagram video posted to his feed, which has more than 50,000 followers, as he fills a top-of-the-range squirt gun with spore water. “I’m like, hello, just gonna walk around and shoot some spores all over the place… Ah, I hope this works – I’m having too much fun.”


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