Vicente Sederberg shortens name to Vicente LLP As Sederberg Moves Into World of Policy & Advocacy Consultancy

Here’s the press release

The firm’s attorneys and other team members remain available at any time to provide commentary and background on law and policy matters related to marijuana, hemp, and psychedelics. You can still reach them at their old VS email addresses, but their responses will come from their new Vicente email addresses (first initial.last [email protected]), so we encourage you to update your address book. 

You can also always reach the appropriate Vicente LLP team member by contacting me or emailing [email protected].


Why the name change?

A couple of months back, the law firm announced it would be changing its name following Christian Sederberg’s decision to leave his role as a partner so he could focus more on policy work and advocacy. He remains at the firm as special counsel and continues to be a partner at its public affairs affiliate, VS Strategies. But Vicente Sederberg’s name needed to change to reflect he is no longer a partner in the law firm.


Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter. Please reach out any time if you have any questions or need to reach anyone at Vicente LLP. 

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