Video: Fresh Cut: The Intersection of LGBTQ Activism and Cannabis Legalization, with Neil Lequia

In this episode of Fresh Cut, host Cara Wietstock meets with Neil Lequia, who is the founder of The Full Spectrum, the first LGBTQ organization within the cannabis industry. The Full Spectrum is dedicated to the improvement of diversity awareness and inclusion within the industry, with a mission of engaging in the creation and production of beneficial resources, events and activities to expand cultural awareness, empower individuals, and strengthen community. Cara and Neil discuss some of the early LGBTQ pioneers of cannabis legalization and its relation to the rise of AIDS, how corporations currently engage with the LGTBQ community and how they can improve these relationships, and more! Visit the Full Spectrum website to find out more using the link below!

Full Spectrum:

To watch Neil’s interview with VICE for their recent documentary “HIV: The Neglected Pandemic,” use the link below!

Vice Documentary:…

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