WA: MJ Freeway Misses Another Deadline..

And this just after the link up with MTech last month who are meant to be injecting capital and supposedly making MJ Freeway a lean mean fighting machine


The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) issued an emailed letter to its cannabis licensees Oct. 31, informing them that the release, 1.37.5, would not be in place by the deadline.

“We continue to work with MJ Freeway on testing and we are seeing progress on addressing fixes,” the letter said. “We’ve asked MJ Freeway to provide us with the date when we will receive the final release for our teams to test. Once we’ve received that date, we will revise the entire project timeline and communicate that to you.”

The state can apply liquidated damages to its vendors for missed deadlines as part of its vendor management plan, as well as incentives for releases completed ahead of schedule.

“In the case of 1.37.5, liquidated damages will be applied after the missed deadline,” the letter continued. “This is necessary to ensure our vendor is incentivized to quickly resolve issues and prepare the release for implementation.”

“They would pay up to $17,000 a week for a missed deadline,” Brian Smith, WSCLB spokesman, toldCannabis Business Times. “That was worked into the contract, and there are also incentives for early delivery.”

This is the first time the state would apply liquidated damages to a vendor, Smith added.

Read more at CBT https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/mj-freeway-misses-deadline-washington/

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